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Killing of Al-Maghraby embarrasses security authorities


Killing of a member of Battalion “Tanks 204” by the combined forces, has embarrassed the security and military institutions, especially after an attack on the criminal investigations department at the wake of his killing.

A report by Alwasat website stated that Mahmoud Al-Maghraby was driving an opaque car before a patrol of the combined forces stopped him and ordered him to remove the opaqueness, he refused, and the situations developed leading to his death on the hands of the patrol members. The committee banned roaming of military and armed cars in Benghazi and arrested military who break orders.

Opinions of people varied over the incident between supporters and opponents of the combined forces. On one hand, they disagreed about the use of excessive force by patrol members and disrespect of Al-Maghraby to officers on the other hand.

A large number of military and security officials were keen to express condolences to Al-Maghraby’s family in his funeral in Bou-Hdima area in Benghazi.They talked about his sacrifices for the city, denouncing at the same time the attack on a security headquarters

Al-Maghraby’s tribe, Al-Magharba, denounced the attack on the criminal investigation department, stressing its support for the military, security and law state.

The chief of the department, Salah Hwedi, stated on Twitter that Al-Maghraby was mistakenly killed, enticing all to hold their negative sayings, he hailed his good manners, stressing that operations are underway to define the responsible for the incident.

Al-fakhry said that investigations are underway, stating that security authorities will respond to any attacks on its headquarters or equipment within the frame of the ministry’s tasks to protect people and possessions.