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Bin Hilly: I hope GNA quickly moves to Tripoli

Bin Hilly: Libyans have a huge responsibility to prevent outside military intervention - Internet

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Bin Hilly, said that the Secretary General, Nabil Al-Araby, will review the Arab League position towards developments and suggestions concerning Libya, in front of Libya’s neighbor countries meeting.

He expressed, Monday, his hope that the new government would quickly move to the capital Tripoli to start its tasks, especially restoring peace and stability, rebuilding army and security forces.

Hilly considered Libya’s neighbor countries meeting basic supporting step for Libyans, stressing the need to approve the government so it would start the assigned tasks within the framework of the political accord signed in Shkirat.

“The new government is tasked with collecting weapons, organize militias, either by integrating them into the army or by any other means to reserve Libya’s unity”, said Hilly.

He added that “all Libyans have huge responsibility to prevent any outside military intervention, any delay in reaching political resolutions in Libya strengthen arguments for military intervention”.

He warned that Libya’s unity is under threat, many indications prove that non – Arab foreign parties are preparing for military incursion, confirming the need for Libyans to end such prolonged useless consultations.

The Arab League, Bin Hilly said, will support the new Libyan government once it starts functioning to help Libyans concerning security, army building and other services, beside approving new constitution, presidential and parliamentary elections.