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Dresy: CDA in Oman are personal initiatives


The speaker of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), Al-Seddik Al-Dresy, said that the conventions being held in Oman won’t be binding for the CDA according to its decision in the 76th session in Al-Baida city. He also wished that satisfying agreements are reached.

In remarks published on the official website of the CDA, Al-Dresy stated that the participation of the CDA members in the convention in Oman was personal initiatives, as the CDA hasn’t taken that decision.

Al-Dresy said that 23 members are still in Al-Baida city, who are Mohamed Al-Jeelany Al-bdawy, who represents Al-Jabal Al-Gharby, Mohamed Abdulrahman Berrowen, who represents Misrata, Mohamed Alagha, who represents Morzok, Khaled Abdulqader Al-Twaty, who represents Ghat, Al-Mabrok Al-Zwey, who represents Al-Kufra, Nooh Abdulsaied, who represents Ajdabyiah, Ebtisam Ebheh, who represents Benghazi, Abdlqader Qadora, who represents Benghazi, Al-Seddik Al-Dresy, who represents Al-Sahel and Al-jabal Al-Akhdar, Saad Al-Taleb, who represents Al-Marj, Abdulhameed Jibril, who represents Shahat, and Mostafa Dalaf, who represents Al-Baida, while other 11 members are still in their cities that they represent, who are Al-Araby Al-Sherif who represents, Sabratha and Surman, Abdulbaset AL-Naas, who represents Al-Zawya, Mohamed Al-Tomy, who represents Tripoli, Salem Keshlaf, who represents Souq Al-jomaa and Tripoli, Etemad Al-Mslati, who represents Tripoli, Mohamed Al-Hady Al-Sary, who represents Zliten, Saleh Shaker, who represents Al-Jofra, Salah Bou-Khzam, who represents Al-Shati and Rania Al-Sayed, who represents Al-Shati.