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Nearly 2000 saved off Libyan coasts


Beshr Police Center handed over 60 illegal migrants to a shelter in Benghazi, while the Libyan coast guards saved 998 migrants over the past 4 days and other 940 migrants were saved by the Italian coast guards in coordination with their Libyan counterparts.

The chief of the shelter house said that 52 Egyptian migrants and 8 Palestinians were handed over to the shelter after being caught 2 days earlier, to be deported to their countries.

The chief of staff of the Libyan navy forces, Colonel Ayoub Qasem, said that 629 were saved off Al-Zawya oil refinery, 129 were saved north Sabratha, 123 off Tripoli coasts and other 117 migrants were saved after their boat was broken down.

He added that in a 7-hour operation, early on Saturday, 586 were saved including 11 children and 60 women, while 3 pregnant women were aborted due to crowd. 5 bodies were restored including 4 women in addition to another number of missing.