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No final decision concerning sanctions in Libya by EU


A source in Brussels told Al-Wasat website that an official decision wasn’t made concerning imposing sanctions on the hinderers of the political agreement though what was mentioned in several media reports.

“Imposing sanctions on Libyan officials in Tripoli and Tobruk was inspected, but none official and final decision was made” the source stated.

Another source explained and stated that France, Britain and, in a less grade, Italy push in this direction. He added that the European Union is well aware of the complications of the situation and deals cautiously to avoid any disruption to the fragile political course.

A different source uncovered that most European countries oppose the principle of imposing sanctions on the legitimate authorities, believing that it isn’t helpful, as sanctions won’t reach the true hinderers of the reconciliation or their financers.

The source confirmed that the best bet is on the inauguration of the Government of National Accord (GNA), and securing the best possible circumstances for it.