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Demonstrations in Al-Zawya react to the political agreement


Armed men in the city of Al-Zawya and the western area expressed their refusal to the outputs of the Skhirat deal and the Government of National accord (GNA), and any movement that rebels aren’t a part of.

In a statement, they asserted on the principles of the 17th February revolution aren’t negotiable and are the base for building the state’s authorities.

It held unknown forces responsible for any problem inside the city. The committee of 11 that gathers rebel leaders of the city, the western area operation room, and the council of notables have called for being patient in taking positions about the GNA, warning that taking any positions now can harm the city.

Earlier than that, demonstrators in Martyrs’ square in Al-Zawya expressed support for the agreement and the GNA. They called on sons of the capital to allow the resulted authorities of the agreement to do its role from Tripoli, saying that they welcome to host and protect the government in Al-Zawya.

Their statement asserted that national consensus must be attained away from foreign interventions.