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Britain denies any plans to deploy troops in Libya


British Foreign Ministry said that it has no intentions to deploy military forces to Libya. The denial came in response to a statement of the Common Foreign Affairs Select Committee about deploying 1000 troops to Libya.

The Select Committee said that “British Foreign Secretary, Michael Fallon, is likely to approve deployment plans”.

But spokesperson for the British government said that “the committee is wrong on number accounts. There are no plans to extent airstrikes to Libya, no sending British troops to impose security”.

Western powers agreed the need to execute military operations against the Islamic Stats (IS) in Libya, but they insist that the formation of unity government should proceed any actions.

Commons Select Committee said in a letter to the foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, that “it heard in a visit to Egypt and Syria that Britain is about to send 1000 troops within 6000 international troops will be deployed soon in Libya.

According to other news earlier, the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee said, Tuesday, that Britain might send 1000 troops to Libya, as part of a 6,000-strong allied force.

In a letter to Hammond, the committee said “in the course of our meetings and discussions in North Africa, we also heard that the UK plans to contribute 1,000 ground troops to a 6,000-strong international force, which will be deployed in the near future”.

According to the same news leaks, western powers stressed the need to fight the Islamic State (IS) in Libya, but insist any official military operations should be based on a request from a Government of National Accord (GNA).

The Presidential Council (PC) supported by the United Nations said, Saturday, the GNA has officially started its tasks based on the statement of the House of Representatives (HoR) supporting the government, while the GNA failed to get the approval of the HoR.

The Commons committee said that the international forces are to train the Libyan army and protect the new government. It requested Hammond to make a statement to the House on the state of the plan for any deployment of UK military forces.