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Seven tribes form Common chamber against IS


Representatives from seven tribes, Mezda, Zintan, Awlad Saif, Mashasheia, Magarha, Awateh and Qantarar met, Saturday, in the light of armed confrontations in Wadi Marseet and Zamzam between the Islamic State (IS) and armed groups from Zintan and Awlad Saif.

Participants told Al-Wasat website that the meeting discussed approaches to unite efforts against the Islamic State (IS) to prevent the group from exploiting disputes between tribals and find popular support.

The participants agreed to form common chamber for security and military forces, cooperate efforts to combat the IS elements.

Confrontations erupted in Wadi Zamzam, south Bani Waleed, on Friday morning, between armed groups from Zintan and Awlad Saif and the IS elements, following the abduction of a police officer.

The IS used six vehicles, were haunted down. Crossfire continued through the night and killed two people, injured another six.

Sources, told Al-Wasat that it is likely that IS fighters came from Sirte through Abu Njaim road and Nahr road.