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Millett: UK will support Libya in forming GNA


The British ambassador to Libya, Peter Millett, stressed his country’s commitment to help and support the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya, and willingness to provide military and technical support, but on request from the unity government.

He added to, Sunday Times of Malta, Sunday, Britain, Malta and the European Union are ready to positively support the unity government to achieve security, stability and prosperity aspired by Libyans, and ready to provide training programs for security and armed forces, technical and logistical support but this only depends on request from the unity government.

“The Islamic State (IS) risks expanding its control over Libyan territory and there needs to be a much more coordinated approach if it is to be repelled, the scope of the group’s attack on Libya’s eastern oil ports expanded over the past few months, but Libyan forces were able to hold them back”, the British ambassador said.

“There is a risk of (Daesh) spreading and no one really has the capacity to resist”, Millett added.

“I don’t mean that nobody can resist them”, he said. “The Petroleum Facilities Guard [an armed force set up to protect Libya’s oil assets] did a pretty good job. But ultimately, these are militias with limited experience, limited training and strategic capabilities” he added.

“A proper strategic campaign against (Daesh) requires a much more coordinated approach between the different groups, regions and forces and the armed groups in Libya”, he stressed.

In order to fight the IS, Millett called all Libyan parties, armed factions, tribes and regions to coordinate unified proper strategic companion against the group.