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HoR members refuse PC’s latest statement


Political parties’ representatives and members of the House of Representatives (HoR) issued, from the Tunisian capital, a statement refusing the Presidential Council (PC) call for all sovereign entities to communicate with the Government of National Accord (GNA) to peacefully hand over authority.

The statement said “we, political dialogue members followed the Presidential Council statement, dated 12 March 2016, which was based on wrong explanation and obvious confusion for what was stated in the House of Representatives (HoR) members’ statement, issued on 10 March 2016, which was very accurate and specific, resulted from concessions made by parties to the political dialogue”.

The statement added that “the statement issued, yesterday, by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord is an attempt to override basic dues specified in the political accord, and a misuse of political dialogue members’ statement. Any breach would jeopardize credibility of the Presidential Council. So we want to clarify the following:

First, political dialogue members statement clearly stated that endorsing the unity government is a basic authority of the HoR, which means adopting the government depends on the HoR decision.

Second: the long period since signing the agreement without accomplishing any concrete advances means there are many problems not solved, we need to define and resolve such problems.

Third: the constitutional amendment is one that required mechanism to activate the political agreement, should be applied in accordance to the agreement itself, so the deal would move to the implementation phase.

Fourth: implementation of the political accord, the arrival of the unity government to Tripoli require wider consensual concept, through widening reconciliation efforts and integrating main and effective parties of the political scene. Continued ignorance only causes more division and fragmentation.

Fifth: we refuse any bargains or attempts to exploit Libyans suffering and the deterioration of the humanitarian, economic and security situation faced by Libyans to gain political benefits.

Sixth: we demand the United Nation Special Mission to stay neutral and commit to provisions and articles of the political deal, allow no one to exceed such articles or dues”.