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Bashaga: Saleh blocks the agreement

Bashaga: The HoR can convene outside its headquarter to adopt new inner system - Internet

The boycotting House of Representatives (HoR) member, Fathy Bashaga, said that the Government of national Accord (GNA) derived legitimacy from the 101 HoR member statement, who agreed to endorse the GNA, he said that the HoR is unlikely to convene to adopt the government.

Bashaga said, Sunday, that the HoR members issued the statement, as they were prevented from practicing their democratic right and convene to discuss the issue.

He accused Ageela Saleh of blocking a vote of confidence for the unity government inside the HoR, and not committing to provisions of the Political Agreement (PA) that signed in Skhirat, describing Saleh’s position as “dilemma”.

Such dilemma, said Bashaga, could be solved via article 16 of the political accord, that stated “the HoR can convene outside its headquarter to adopt new inner system, and appoint a new place to convene either inside or outside Tobruk”.

“The HoR member statement, with the blessing of dialogue committee members and the international support, is enough for the unity government to take the next step and arrive to the capital Tripoli”, Bashaga said.

Bashaga pointed the security committee started its work by coordinating with some Libyan army battalions, and internal parties, to secure the new government.