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Shoaib: Many mix the PC with the GNA


The first Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the President of the talks team, Emhmd Shoaib, said that many mix the Presidential Council (PC) and the Government of National \Accord (GNA).

Shoaib explained that the Presidential Council (PC) derives its legitimacy from the Political Agreement (PA), because it is part of it, while the GNA is the body that needs the endorsement of the HoR. He refused sayings that the dialogue Committee passes the government.

In media remarks to “Libyaschannel TV, on Wednesday night, he refused any authorization by the talks committee, as it is the role of the HoR and the members who approved the GNA formation. He added that he and the UN envoy, Martin Kobler, agreed of the incompetency of the committee to approve the government.

Shoeib called on the HoR to hold together and uphold its main role. “We need to create a strong HoR to advocate on our military. The vice president of the PC, Ali Al-Qatrani, has the right to veto any decision is prejudicial to the army”.

“The abolition of the political dialogue only happens by a valid quorum session.  This didn’t happen, along a whole year, while the HoR discussed the very minor details and I do not have any objection to any initiative if issued from the HoR”, he said.

Shoaib pointed out that the regionalism and its effect are undeniable inside the HoR.  He added that there are 80 signatures, by the HoR members, refuse any individual act by the HoR chief. “The HoR talks committee wasn’t resolved, after many trials members objected. 13 members will be displayed to select 4 of them, but none were displayed. When members say they don’t want me, it is their right” he stated.