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Libyan dialogue members renew commitment to the PA


The members of the Libyan Political Agreement (PA), gathered in Tunisia, concluded their first day meeting and renewed their commitment to the Libyan Political Agreement signed in Shkirat, last December, as the only legitimate frame to end the political crisis and armed infighting.

The members appealed, in a statement issued Thursday, all political and security parties to put Libya’s interests above any other considerations, preserve its sovereignty and unity to achieve security and stability, and to enable Libyans to accomplish their ambitious to build modern democratic based on laws and respect for human rights.

The statement addressed terrorism threat, and the need to form a Government of National Accord (GNA) to lead the fight against terrorism, while the international support should be organized through legitimate channels and in accordance to the international laws.

Concerning adopting the unity government, the statement confirmed that it is a sole right of the House of Representatives (HoR), calling the HoR members to complete their dues and commitments and implement are provisions of the political accord.

The members asked the Presidential Council (PC) to take all necessary procedures to begin its tasks from the capital Tripoli.

The members concluded their statement and expressed their concern lack of commitment to ceasefires agreements or timelines set to implement the political accord. They called all parties to guarantee quick unconditioned implementation to all provisions of the accord.