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IS will save Libya from falling


By: Omar Elkeddi*

Libya’s destiny could have turned into Somalia lie outcome; left

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

by the world in a long civil war that has no end. Somalia was formed of the unity of 3 regions; the French Somalia, the British Somalia and the Italian Somalia. The latest trial of intervention was made in 1993 by the forces of the United Nations and America.

After 2 years the forces had to retreat from Mogadishu. It was all left then to the UN mission in Kenya before the African Union, a force to aid the weak government in the capital. The international community didn’t care about Somalia, unless when the piracy problem appeared. As soon as the military vessels controlled the poor fishers’ boats till the problem ended, the world then turned its back to Africa.

Different from Somalia, Libya has a distinguished location on the Mediterranean shores that can’t be undermined, as it brings oil and gas but probably illegal migrants and terrorism too. The European Union countries can find a solution to the problem of illegal migrants; it can send military patrols off Libyan coasts, which costs less than receiving hundreds of thousands of migrants in Europe, also sending drones to target smugglers’ boats on Libyan coasts doesn’t cost much, but Libya turning into a haven for terrorists and launching pad towards Europe doesn’t make the international community hesitate to intervene in Libya.

All terrorists, who attacked Ben Guerdane city in Tunisia last Monday, Bardu museum, and Sousse hotel, were trained in Libya, this make the intervention scenario inevitable. The American raid on Sabratha city in Libya was only the beginning, the Ben Guerdane attack was a reply to it too. Those who planned the attack didn’t mind hurting the military and security infrastructure most and going back fast to Libya, but control over the city and declaring it an Islamic State group (IS) Emirate.

The negligence of Tunisia to its south, where Mohamed Bou-Azizi was born, contributed to directing Tunisian youth towards extremist groups. Since relations were reconnected between Tunisia and Libya in 1989 after Ben-Ali coup, Ben Guerdane residents have been relying on Libya in their daily lives.

Whoever lives in Ben Guerdane to head to the Libyan cities of Zolton, Zuwara, Regdaleen and Al-Jmeal carrying the Tunisian Spaghetti that favored in Libya and Al-Deqla dates; he fills his car’s tank and spare tank with the lowest prices on earth from Libya. They buy subsidized products from Libya to sell in Tunisia with more than doubled prices. When borders were closed for any reasons, Ben Guerdane residents cut the roads and sat in. in such environment, the IS fighters flourish and go to Libya to practice to go back to their countries filled with envy on classes’ variance and contempt of North to the South.

Ennahda movement leader, Rashid Ghannoushi, called on the Tunisian army to intervene in Libya and reach Sabratha city rather than the Americans. This isn’t the first time the Tunisian army intervenes in Libya. The last time was in 1795 when it helped Ali Karamanli to regain his throne and to expel Ali Borgul out of Tripoli.

The Tunisian army can’t reach Sabratha in such circumstances, but the west’s care on the success of the democratic experiment in Tunisia will push it to save it. Then the IS would be a contributor to saving Libya from falling, more than other factors, till now the world proved it can live without Libyan gas and oil, it can live without the Libyan construction contracts, the railway project, and the Libyan markets, but it can’t go to sleep as the IS can attack the European shores at any time.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source