Home News Heavy and C5 ammunition found near Ajdabiya

Heavy and C5 ammunition found near Ajdabiya


Reconnaissance units and Petroleum Installations Guards found, Tuesday, huge depots of ammunition, explosives and C5 missiles south gate 200 and Ajdabiya city.

Reconnaissance battalion commander, Safy Abdel Naby Al-Seneny, told Al-Wasat newspaper that scout units and battalions, in coordination with Petroleum Installations Guards units in Tobruk, found huge amounts of ammunitions, heavy weaponry and C5 missiles, south Ajdabiya and gate 200.

Al-Seneny confirmed that the ammunition found were transferred to army warehouses, adding “weapons are not in safe place under the army’s supervisor. The place where the ammunition were found likely warehouse belongs to terrorist groups in Ajdabiya and Derna”.

He mentioned that reconnaissance units continue combing the area, under air cover and support from helicopters and fighter jets from Jamal Abdel Nasser air base.