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Cries for saving the Libyan health care system



The problems of the Libyan health care system don’t seem to have a near solution, as efforts are exerted by the health minister in the Interim Government, Reda Al-Aukly, as the country drowns in a deep hole due to lack of funds, while billions of former regime money are frozen abroad. LIBYAPROSPECT translates a report by Al-Araby Al-Jadid website that exposes latest conditions.

The report noted to what it called a Cry by the Health Minister about the health situation in his country. It reflected the size of the pain of the people and their tragedies, as Libyans trade their views, and bullets, the report stated.

Al-Aukly described the situation as tragic as his ministry was unable to buy medical supplies for the sick and wounded. It received a cargo plane loaded with medical supplies and drugs from the World Health Organization a few days ago.

The report asserted that Al-Aukly wasn’t wrong in his cry for sick people, especially when he mentioned that Libya has billions of frozen dollars abroad, stressing that the waiting for the endorsement of the Government of National Accord (GNA) is a weak argument that reaches the standard of a crime. He added that only 1% of Libyans’ money abroad is enough to provide treatment for Libyans for years.

The picture, as the report suggests, summarizes the Libyan tragedy, the inability of its elites and selfish of its politicians. It stated that it is ironic that the combatants in Libya among Libyan people can’t be treated, most of them are sent to hospitals in Tunisia and Malta, and the sounds of bullets don’t stop and people keep killing each other under the eyes of international and Arab community, as if they liked watching the tragedy.

For those who don’t know the tragedy of the Libyan patients, it is old; it was initiated by Muammar Gaddafi, despite the wealth of Libya. He didn’t build hospitals or hire doctors, so people were forced to cross hundreds of kilometers towards Tunisia, to get treated, then Tunisian hospitals became crowded with pains of Libyan patients and their families.

A bystander, as the report states, will ask how this country became this devastated, how did it lose its wealth over the decades, and didn’t build colleges, hospitals and schools?

The tragedy continued even after the overthrow of the dictatorship. Rebels from the east and the west, dispute over control of an authority of mirage that has once again become in the hands of strangers and invaders.

Good people are now drowning in tragedies and greed of its sons, it got lost among illusions of control seekers of power until there is no longer bread and flour, even cities of oil and gas has no longer none of them. “Under all of that, the bullets don’t stop”, the report concluded.