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Arguments between US and Italy on intervention in Libya


An argument broke out between the United States and Italy about the statements attributed to the US ambassador to Rome, John Phillips, about Italy’s intention to send five thousand soldiers to Libya.

The remarks enticed a reply by the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, on Monday, saying that “the conditions are not favorable for a military intervention in the former Italian colony. We are not going to invade Libya with five thousand men”.

It was explained in a statement by the US ambassador to Rome, on Tuesday, that Italy alone can decide about its commitments with Libya.

US Ambassador explained that “the United States hasn’t advised Italy to send five thousand military men to Libya. I said that Italy has publicly stated its willingness to send nearly five thousand people, while decisions about setup and timing have not been taken yet”, he said.

Phillips stressed that “the United States is working with its allies, including Italy, to form a coalition to help Tripoli to form the Government of National Accord (GNA) and to establish security in the country”.

This debate comes after announcement by the west that intention to intervene in Libya depend on demands by the new government. US waged a raid against the Islamic State (IS) locations in the city of Sabratha that killed a number of group militants including 2 leaders.