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Muslim brotherhood refuses Dabbashi’s remarks


The Libyan Muslim brotherhood group denounced what came in the statement by the Libyan envoy to the United Nations, Ibrahim Dabbashi, that attacked the group. The group’s statement described Dabbashi’s words of being lies that lack tangible evidence and logic.

The group’s statement said that Dabbashi’s remarks are evidence to his non-understanding and non-follow to the internal reactions of the country’s developments.

The group reiterated its legal right to sue all who deliberately defamed it in local and international courts.

The statement asserted that all statements by the group included denouncement to terrorism and especially the Islamic State group (IS). It explained that any member of it, who reached decision making position, has done so through elections like everyone else.

It called for reuniting Libyans and ending the current division mode, warning against international intervention, chaos and division.