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Mitig refuses military intervention in Libyan

Mitig: Libyans proved that they can fight terrorism without any international intervention - Internet


The Vice President of the Presidential Council (PC), Ahmed Mitig, said that the PC refuses any plans for military intervention in Libya. His comments came after what the US Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, said about preparations to move 5000 Italian troops to Libya.

Mitig added in a statement, LIBYAPROSPECT received a copy, “we refuse any military operations, that’s why we here in Rome, we came to discuss such developments and tell Italian officials, and other related parties, that we fully refuse military intervention”.

“we are facing one of the worst crisis, due to decreased international trust in Libyan parties’ ability to reach decisive resolutions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve consensual solutions, from inside, that satisfy all Libyans”, said Mitig.

The statement confirmed that any military intervention must have the approval of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), adding “Libyans proved that they can fight terrorism, thus any movement should be from the inside, and the Presidential Council (PC) and unity government will work from inside to fight terrorism”.

Mitig said that the PC welcomes support and cooperation of the international community, within the framework imposed by the necessities of the stage.