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Consultative meeting calls for fighting terrorism through GNA



Members of the consultative meeting in Cairo and Tunisia congratulated the Libyan army on its victory over the Terrorism in Benghazi, and congratulated the city residents on their patience and support to the forces.

In a statement published on Thursday, which is translated here by LIBYAPROSPECT, the members expressed support to the Libyan army in its fight against terrorism and called for holding a session in the House of Representatives (HoR) to vote on the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The Statement said that in the atmosphere of great victories over the terrorism forces, in the persistent Benghazi, achieved by the brave army soldiers and officers and the supporting civilian forces in the city.

It added that in the joyful ambience and optimism of exiting the violence cycle created by terrorist groups over 3 years of assassinating members of army, security authorities, judiciary and civilian activists, as a part of a plan to abort the project of the civilian democratic state the Libyans dreamed of in the revolution of February 17th.

“This led to forming operation dignity to mark the start of the fight against terrorists that lasted over a year, supported by patience and persistence of Benghazi residents and other Libyan cities till it achieved victory over terrorist groups and cleared the city of them”, the statement said.

The members of the consultative meeting confirmed that they “would like to commend the army forces for their championships, pray for mercy over the souls of martyrs, salute Benghazi residents on their patience the suffer in all its forms and congratulate them on the victory and share the joy with them”.

The consultative meeting group believes in the importance of stressing these points:

  1. 1- The necessity of resuming the army’s efforts in fighting terrorism and commending its statements about abiding by law sovereignty and justice.
  2. 2- Calling all running governmental authorities to present all sorts of needed support for the army forces and local authorities to clear the effects of the war, in addition to providing all needed to restore the normal life, including opening all land, sea and air ports.
  3. 3- Stressing the support to the efforts of the military based on its dependence from any political activity and its commitment to support the political efforts seeking to build the civil democratic state.
  4. 4- The call to maintain social peace and protecting its social texture from all sorts of violence or revenge outside the range of law. Also the call to protect the city from any violation trials by terrorists.
  5. 5- The necessity of investing this military victory to support and strengthen the Libyan army through the existence or political authorities that represents it, locally and internationally, and gathers support for its long war against terrorism through a united government that serves united nation. Despite our belief that the Government of National Accord (GNA) isn’t the best we can wish for, it is the best within the current context, it is the best that can be made in the little time ahead of the spread of Islamic State group (IS).

Members of the consultative meeting stated that they call on the House of Representatives (HoR) to hold an urgent session in Tobruk in an atmosphere that guarantees the free will to judge in the matter of the GNA with the hope of its endorsement for the unity of the nation into a sovereign one, so that the national partner is available to support the army and security and provide needs for the major war to clear the nation. It is the partner the international community recognizes and coordinates with in the war against terrorism to happen on our lands, also so that it can be able to use the available money to solve citizens’ economic, security, nutritional and humanitarian problems that have become too bad that it can’t be more postponed for any given reason. The last goal will be uniting the army forces to fight terrorism and enable the government to do its role of taking the nation out of the crisis of division.