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Zaghad: Absent HoR members have certain agendas



The House of Representatives (HoR) member, Ibrahim Zaghad said, Wednesday, that the session was cancelled for the absence of some members, including the second vice president. Some HoR members arrived at the HoR headquarter, in Tobruk, during the last two days to held a session with full quorum with the President of the HoR, Ageela Saleh.

Zaghad said that the absent members have “certain person agendas that force them to skip the sessions inside the HoR, who in turn will decide the fate of the unity government”.

Concerning the meeting between the General National Congress (GNC) members and the House of Representatives (HoR) members, Zaghad said that “in case the unity government failed, the Libyan- Libyan dialogue will be the alternative, as it is supported by some of the HoR members, headed by the National Sovereignty bloc that has the biggest representation inside the HoR”.