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Qzeet calls international community to support PA

Qzeet: We shouldn’t wait for the HoR as the PA is in effect - Internet


The General National Congress (GNA) members, supporting the Political Agreement (PA), called the international community to bypass “formalities” in supporting the political accord, in the light of current crisis the country is going through.

The State Council member, Belgasem Qzeet, said, Wednesday, that “we shouldn’t waste more time and wait for the House of Representatives (HoR), because the political accord is in effect, once it was signed in Skhirat, according to article 67”. He confirmed that “the HoR won’t make the required constitutional amendments nor adopt the government”.

Members appealed, in a statement, states supporting the political deal to pressure regional states interfering in Libyan affairs by supporting some parties. They called the GNC members who oppose the deal to accept the agreement and support the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Qzeet said “State Council convened to discuss ways of getting out of the current crisis and fighting terrorism through the political accord”.

Article 19 state: Supreme State Council to be formed as convulsive body, making opinions binding the unity government concerning laws projects and decisions before referral to the HoR.