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Mayor: Oubari needs total reconstruction



The Mayor of Oubari Municipality, Al-Taher Bzo, said that the city is in deep need for reconstruction, not minor fixes.

He told Press Solidarity news agency that the faults in electricity and water services are obstacle on the way of the return of residents to the city, adding that the city council doesn’t have the means to address the region’s needs for reforms in the electricity, water and sanitation.

In a related context, Bzo confirmed that there is a possibility of re-operation of the airport, because it is a vital facility for the delivery of medical and humanitarian aid, adding that some problems at the airport were solved despite the lack of resources. Maintenance works at the airport has reached 90%.

Bzo said that the municipality authorities won’t be able to compensate owners of burned and destroyed houses.

Bzo thanked the staff of the power company for their work they have been doing for 10 days, to repair the damaged electrical wiring.