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UN report: Libya’s political future still “vogue”

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The political process brokered by the United Nations and the formation of the Government of National Accord (GNA) all stopped at the House of Representatives (HoR), who hadn’t yet voted on the government.

The United Nations issued new report concerning political and security developments inside Libya, the humanitarian situation, in the light of Security Council resolution No. 2238, and considered Libya’s political future as “vogue”.

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, accused, in the report published Tuesday, number of Libyan leaders of impeding the political dialogue and efforts carried out to get out of the current crisis. Ki Moon warned of the vogue political future of Libya, demanding political leaders to bare their responsibilities.

Ki Moon considered statements issued by some political and military leaders to frighten those who agree on the political agreement, as unacceptable.

Ki Moon said that “achieving sustainable security and peace requires uniting all efforts, and commitment to put Libyan interests above all other considerations”.

“Some politicians and military men are still opposing efforts to move with the country to the next phase of democracy. The door is still open in front of all parties to join the political process”, Ki Moon said.

He expressed his grave concern towards the Islamic State (IS) easy expansion and control over some cities.

The report sheds light on the deteriorating humanitarian situation suffered by Libyans, while thousands of ordinary Libyans suffer the consequences of the humanitarian crisis. More than half million persons were displaced. Thousands suffer the lack of basic needs, including clear water and sanitation.