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The Korean solution for the Libyan crisis


By: Omar Elkeddi*

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Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

Government of National Accord (GNA), persistence of each side on its demands, and threats faced by representatives in Tripoli and Tobruk, there is only one solution for the Libyan crisis; on the fashion of the one and only solution.

In one day, the chief of Korean DOW company suggested on Gaddafi to hand over Libya to his company, and then Libya will become one of the most flourishing countries in the world.

He promised that every citizen will have a modern home that is fully equipped and a Korean made car; the roads will be built in addition to railways, the airports too will be of the best in the region, the country will draw millions of tourists who would like to swim in the Mediterranean sea and see the desert, the country will host the transit tourism with Europe, Asia and Africa, the company too will open branches in Libya and train youth on integrating Korean products; and dependence on oil and gas will shrink within 5 years when industry, trade and tourism flourish. But Gaddafi, who did everything to ruin the lives of his people, refused.

Why don’t we ask Koreans for a solution to the Libyan crisis, as long as their son, Ban Ki-Mon, heads the United Nations. They are peaceful people; they have never invaded any other nation in their history. They were the victims of the Japanese colonialism in the World War 2. But then we will have to let go the weapons and militias and have only well trained security forces, hand over all what is related to oil and gas to Korean companies to let oil installations guards have rest of sun rays and shells of the Islamic State group (IS) that will disappear from the country when Korean factories start working and Libyan and Tunisian youth have job opportunities. We will be patient until we see tourists buy Gherian china works, dates of the Oasis, fronds of Tawergha, Derna vegetables and Tobruk watermelons.

Along this period, we mustn’t think about electing the House of Representatives (HoR) to vote on the GNA. As long as these bodies disappear, money thefts decrease. Koreans will know how to spend the money. We will retreat all ambassadors and consuls who speak no language but Libyan accent; we will accredit the Korean language in educational curriculums to avoid their evil and to learn from them how could they, in few years, turn from the poorest to the most flourish countries.

We will learn modesty, literature and honesty from the qualities that became of heritage. They will cure us from psychological and social diseased that was oppressed before released in February 17th revolution. Iron and steel factory in Misrata will be the largest for the Korean cars in North Africa, while Al-khoms and Derna ports will turn into the largest shipyards.

We will forget oil and gas as Koreans can generate electricity from solar power, Libya then can export clean energy to Europe instead of illegal refugees. Koreans may build a fence around Libya to keep away refugees.

We waited for 5 hard years after February 17th, why don’t we wait for other 5 years? If we grant this privilege to Americans or Europeans, they will loot everything and go away, but Koreans consider the smooth invasion, as the whole world buy their products, they enter each house on the planet. As they don’t mind marrying strangers, their women will enter our houses too, we then will learn how to eat the hot kimchi with the traditional Libyan food “bazeen”, we will lose weight and have lower blood pressure. If a Korean and a Libyan fight, the saying “hay Korean, bless our prophet” to end the dispute, while the Korean will learn to say in Libyan accent “Allah Ghaleb” which means God is the dominant.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source