Home Reports Sabratha forms operation chamber to secure the city

Sabratha forms operation chamber to secure the city


Sabratha Mayor, Hussain Dawady, discussed with common forces of battalions, military officials and supporting forces and other forces participating in fighting against the Islamic State (IS), the mechanisms of security in the city and the eliminating of the IS elements hiding inside the city.

Dawady added, in a statement posted on Facebook Monday night, that the meeting held, Sunday, ended with forming common operations chamber to carry out missions of research and investigations.

He pointed that the forces will secure entrances and exits of the city through check pings across different areas. The meeting was attended by representatives of all forces participating in fighting against the IS.

“The chamber will continue its work to detain all elements of the IS terrorist group inside the city” said Dawady, who called on all army and police elements to join their positions.

He also appealed all citizens to bear their responsibilities and contribute to the return of normal life inside the city, by opening back shopping malls, and bakeries, and stay away from negativity.

Dawady called all doctors and nurses to rejoin their work at hospitals and medical centers, and called all governmental bodies and institutions to resume their work and duties towards their country.