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Libyan crisis causes medicines shortage in Benghazi


Libya suffers medicines shortage in the light of political and economic crisis the country is going through for years.

Radio Sawa reporter in Benghazi, Essa Moussa, highlighted the medical crisis inside the city, in a report citing the current situation inside medical facilities.

Al-Jalaa hospital for surgery, in Benghazi, announced that its medical stocks is about to end due to growing number of injured and killed, according to health official at Benghazi municipal council, Awad Gwery.

Gwery pointed that all hospitals across Libya suffer the same problem since 2014, adding that the international organizations provide very low quality of medicines.

The solution should be, according to Gwery, to rehabilitate the state’s medical supply system, reactivate the role of Libyan capital.

Benghazi is witnessing fierce fighting between the Libyan army forces and Ansar Al-Sharia and the Islamic State |(IS).