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El-Majbary: HoR members try to destroy PC

El-Majbary: We agreed with the PC to stop corruption practices - Internet


The Vice President of the Presidential Council (PC), Fathy El-Majbary fiercely criticized some members of the House of Representatives (HoR), which mentioning names, pointing to some elements who aim to destroy the HoR from inside. He also mentioned “dark forces” in Tripoli and “forces of corruption” in Barqa.

According to Libyaschannel, El-Majbary said that “there is a huge difference between quotas, acquiring gains, and allow participation”. He confirmed that the Government of National Accord (GNA) is “a reunion government” for all Libya’s regions, under one unified consensual frame.

El-Majbary added that “we have leaked documents that uncover those who seek quotas, positions and government portfolios, we showed such documents to notables and officials”.

El-Majbary accused the Presidential Council (PC) member, Omar Al-Aswad of “attempting to thwart any reconciliation efforts inside the PC”.

El-Majbary said that “there is a sort of reconciliation among the inner house off the Presidential Council (PC), but some members want to abolish the PC from inside, therefore we will not allow corruption forces in Barqa to struck an agreement with dark forces inside Tripoli, so that conflict continue inside Libya, there goal is to destroy the whole country”.

“Barqa is represented by Defense and Finance ministries, and oversee Justice Minister. We fear no report; we have our evidences that can face any accusations”, El-Majbary said.

He mentioned that liberating Benghazi will enable the government to work where real military institution, adding that “we have direct communication with the military institution, what is happening in Benghazi should be invested for the sake of the national consensus”.

El-Majbary said that any project of unity government contradicts with militias “and can’t deal with militias”.

“We agreed with the Presidential Council (PC) to stop corruption practices, which frightens some of the HoR members, that’s why they oppose the unity government”, said El-Majbary.

Some regional powers, El-Majbary said, don’t want national reconciliation for the sake of their own interests, they fear any government that can unite the country.

El-Majbary concluded by saying that the Presidential Council (PC) is fully compatible “except those who try to destroy any efforts”.