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Bolduc: Libya needs American help to defeat IS

Bolduc: US is not cooperating with Tripoli administration and Haftar - Internet


The commander of the US special-operations forces in Africa, Army Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc, said that the American military involvement will be needed in Libya, even after the installment of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

“Our assessment, purely, is looking at it through the special-operations forces lens, and that our partners need our advice and assistance. They need our training and a certain amount of equipping, in order to be successful. That is the gap”, he said in remarks published by the Wall Street Journal newspaper .Bolduc declined to discuss current or pending operations in Libya.

Concerning the opinion of western countries about intervening militarily in Libya for the second time, he said that “the capability and the willingness is not the issue. It is a collective decision by the Libyans on what they want. That is hugely important. You’ve got to go in there to achieve their objectives and their goals”.

Bolduc said that the US special-operations forces aren’t cooperating with the administration in Tripoli, he also added that his command isn’t working directly with retired General, Khalifa Haftar.

Bolduc explained that “allowing the IS group to strengthen in Libya imperils not only Europe, and the Middle East but America’s partners in sub-Saharan Africa as well”, Bolduc said.

American Defense Minister, Ashton Carter, said, on Monday, that the unity government in Libya is “the key” to win support from Libya’s different factions for foreign intervention.

He said that he expected such government would welcome help from the US and other countries in fighting the Islamic State group (IS).