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Al-Qatrany after threatening the PC



The vice President of the Presidential Council (PC), Ali Al-Qatrany, is back on center stage, after the leaked video for one PC meeting in Skhirat, in which he threatened the PC and the Government of National Accord (GNA) that they will not enter Benghazi if the House of Representatives (HoR) endorsed the government, confirming that the HoR won’t adopt the government, according to a report by Al-Wasat newspaper, translated by LIBYAPROSPECT.

According to the report, Al-Qatrany criticized the second vice president for choosing Mahdy Al-Barghathi for defense portfolio, saying that he is the one who ought to choose Al-Barghathi, he also criticized vice presidents, Abdel Salam Kajman and Mohamed Amari.

Al-Qatrany used harsh language, boasted his financial abilities, confirming his ability to buy the plane they used, and threatened to withdraw from the Presidential Council (PC). Al-Qatrany suspended his membership more than once.

The report said, before Khalifa Haftar choose Al-Qatrany to represent him inside the Presidential Council (PC) , Al-Qatrany was the head of the investments committee at the HoR, before February revolution he worked as a business man importing wheat and other commodities, despite he is a graduate from the higher institution of electricity mid 80s, no one knows exactly the source of his wealth or the nature of his relation with Haftar.

The leaked video showed the meeting as a convention to resolve disputes between two rivals, where threats and shouts are common. Al-Qatrany managed, last Tuesday, to achieve what he couldn’t in previous meetings of the PC, when the situation moved from the Presidential Council (PC) to the House of Representatives (HoR); as disputes between supporters and opponents of the unity government prevented the HoR from convening, members were supposed to vote on endorsing the government.

It seems that, members refusing the unity government depended on advances accomplished by the army, and deliberately postponed the session to give the army an extra week to liberate the rest of the city, then they could use the new developments for their interest, which may lead things to the same course led by “the Operation of Libya Dawn” in 2014, which forced the legitimate government from Tripoli to Al-Baida, and forced the HoR to Tobruk, according to the report.