Home Reports Sunday Telegraph: British Troops deployed to Libya

Sunday Telegraph: British Troops deployed to Libya


The British government sent military advisors to Libya to trains local fighters to fight the Islamic State (IS), said western sources.

Sunday Telegraph newspaper mentioned that the government refused to comment on the mater, while western officials confirmed the arrival of British troops to Libya in special mission incoordination with American troops in Misrata.

The newspaper quoted report of Roth Sherloke, from Washington, said “Britain secretly deployed military advisors in Libya to build an army to fight the Islamic State (IS) cells”.

Sherloke said, according to information acquired by the newspaper, special British troops are working with its American counterpart in Misrata to fight the IS in Libya. Sunday Telegraph knew that American troops started tactical missions with local militias.

Western efforts in Libya focused on finding political solutions to unite vying factions in one government, but with the stumbling talks, western governments seek different way to fight the IS.

Member of Bani Waleed municipal council said that unknown fighter jet bombed an Islamic State envoy in Sedada, 100 km west of Sirte.

Media sources confirmed the news, pointing that they heard blasts likely due to air strikes against the IS positions.