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What happened in west Libya is happening in east


By: Omar Elkeddi*

Libyan genes accept nothing but to behave in the same way

Omar Elkeddi
Omar Elkeddi

either in east or west. What happened in the voting session in the House of Representatives (HoR) last Tuesday was the same scenario the General National Congress (GNC) witnessed in Tripoli when a minority used the force of weapons to enforce the political isolation law, when the term-ended, the GNC was brought back to life, and also when a minority refused the political agreement.

In Tobruk, the HoR members, who agreed to grant confidence to the government, reached 100, while the opponents didn’t exceed 70 persons, but the minority was able to halt the session with riot and intimidation. According to a statement by the 100 HoR members, outsiders broke into the HoR headquarters and spread chaos, the chief of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, who didn’t hide his opinion about the government, exploited the situation to leave the HQ of the HoR and the session was then postponed.

After that, Tobruk “the city of peace” is no longer possible for hosting the session, as most HoR members said. The talks committee will choose another suitable location for holding the voting session and swearing in, members may move to Hun city in Al-Jufra area, to hold their historic session. If it became complicated and the session continued to be hindered, the United Nations special envoy will consider the 100 signs sufficient for granting confidence to the government and starting its work.

Who objects to granting confidence for the government that was born after hard labor? There are some regionalists who want to appoint a military council led by Khalifa Haftar to govern Libya. They used the advance made by the army on Tuesday to hinder the session, while Haftar confirms from time to time that he has no political aspirations and will only deal with his military roles to erase terrorism. But those who create statues can’t stop kneeing in front of it and praying to it. They refuse building a nation of real institutions that achieves justice and equality in front of law. Those regionalists are pushing the country towards pitter options, the worst of it is separation and waves of civil wars that will demolish what is left of the country.

Who is led by stubbornness hits the rocks or fall in a hole, by the contrary, who uses mind, who comes out safe from the tightest situations. As long as Libyans have elected the HoR, what it decides must happen. For me, I don’t accept the current form of the GNA as it is a regional sharing that brought all the problems the country suffers from. Stubbornness of its deputy chief Ali Al-Qatrany is an example on this, he spoke in the leaked video in an accent that isn’t suitable for someone in such risky position. Having multiple leaders in the government and the veto right in the hands of chief deputies nears its end, but if majority decided to grant confidence to the government I will accept it, even if it is against my opinion.

The HoR bylaws weren’t applied, it includes sanctions on who hinder the HoR work, it is time for these rules to be applied on members who hindered the voting session. It is time for the UN envoy to make a list of the names of who obstacle applying the political agreement to be sent to the Security Council. Those aren’t only shy but afraid, their manners will change when their bank accounts are frozen in Libya and outside and are banned from travelling.

Those don’t realize that hindering the voting session means hindering the displaced from going back to their homes, damaging more infrastructure, continuing electricity and water outage, run out of flour, high medicine prices, spread of the Islamic State group (IS), and encouraging foreign military intervention in Libya.

What happened in the west is happening now in the east, while the IS group is 70 km away from Tripoli. there must be sleeper cells in the capital that will wake up, as soon as the GNA reaches it, which is another challenge Libyans will face before learning principles of democracy and realizing that a state is the greatest invention man has ever made, states the German philosophies Hegel.

*A Libyan Writer

Translated By LIBYAPROSPECT: Source