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Tunisia investigates death of Tunisian IS affiliates


A Tunisian investigator is due to be sent to Sabratha city, in Libya, by next week to investigate the killing of Tunisian affiliates to the Islamic State group (IS) in the US air raid on the city last week.

Tunisian prosecution ordered investigations to be started to identify the Tunisians who were killed in the American raid, after it was confirmed that most of the dead were Tunisian nationals.

Noureddin Chouchane, who is believed to be the master mind of several terrorist operations in Libya, was reported dead in the raid.

In another development, the western area operation room warned cities of Al-Ojilat, Al-Jmeel, Zuwara, Regdaleen, and Zolton that elements of the IS may sneak into these cities. The operation room announced killing 30 IS fighters and controlling a vast area of Zwagha, where the group centered in Ras Al-Diwan mosque, Al-Mowatneen residentials, and Qasr Al-Alalga palace.

Videos of bodies, said to be of the IS fighters, went viral on social media lately. The video showed a house in fire in Zwagha that is believed to have been used as a haven for the group.

A large number of people shot their guns in celebration, as they pulled their bodies to cars.

Sabratha and its suburbs, witness fierce fighting between battalions of the city and neighboring towns, on one hand, and elements of the IS group on the other hand, which led to the killing of nearly thirty people from both sides, so far.