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Officials deny foreign military aid in Benghazi war


The foreign relations official inside the House of Representatives (HoR), Idris Al-Moghrabee, denied assistance of any western forces to the Libyan army fighting the Islamic State group |(IS) in Benghazi.

From his side, the commander of the Libya Special Forces, Colonel Wanees Bo-Khamada, denied the existence of French forces in Benghazi, which reports talk of them managing the fights in Benghazi for the Libyan army.

The HoR chief, Ageela Saleh, expressed gratitude to the Libyan army leadership and personnel for expelling remnants of terrorist groups from Benghazi.

Saleh also congratulated Benghazi residents on the victory achieved by “the brave soldiers”, calling on them to aid the army and supportive forces to “dismantle mines planted by terrorism in streets of Benghazi and secure the city”.

Saleh’s media advisor, Fathy Al-Mariamy, said that the HoR chief ordered the government to work hard to restore residents’ normal lives and providing all necessary needs.

Saleh expressed condolences to martyrs’ families, wishing all wounded to get well soon.