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100 HoR members grant confidence to GNA



The House of Representatives (HoR) has postponed its session to hold a vote of confidence on the proposed formation of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to next Monday, while 100 HoR members signed a supportive statement to the government.

The HoR member, Abu-bakr Buira, said that several disagreements hold back granting confidence to the second proposed formation of the GNA that head of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, presented to the HoR.

In another development, 100 members of the HoR have announced their support to the GNA formation, denouncing members who refuse the government formation who used force to hold back voting on the government, despite reaching the quorum.

The statement stressed members’ support for the government program that was displayed by the PC in the HoR last Saturday. It further noted that the government has already gained the confidence of most of the members.

The HoR member, Abdulmonem Balkour, denounced banning members from voting, saying that it contradicts with the 10th article of the HoR bylaws of upholding democracy, citizenship and the legislative role.

He added that more than 140 members attended the session, while some members weren’t allowed to prove their attendance by members who told them they can’t attend since they arrived late, and then the presidency of the session intervened to allow them before fights, screams and chaos start. Later, 100 members wrote a supportive statement for the GNA.

The HoR member, Ismael Al-Ghoul, said that the Quorum (92 members) was attained, but opponents of the government allowed non HoR members to break into the headquarters to stop the voting.

The British ambassador, Peter Millett, welcomed the statement, saying that it is an important step towards stability in Libya.

On the same matter, the United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, expressed concern over banning HoR members from voting on granting confidence to the GNA, adding that the HoR members should do their role freely.

He called on the presidency of the HoR to formalize the support of 100 HoR members to the GNA.

Kobler warned of spread of the Islamic State group (IS) in Libya, saying that he, Libyans and Europe are out of patience.

He called on all to give time to the political course that includes tribes, notables, municipalities, political parties, the Presidential Council and the HoR.

He stressed the importance of committing to the time agenda to achieve the aspired results, demanding patience. He said that some European governments take more time than Libya’s.

Kobler believed that air raids may achieve some goals, but finishing the group will only happen by the Libyans’ hands.

Observers believe that the HoR’s inability to grant confidence to the government was expected for two reasons. First, the differences between the Libyan parties, which turned to physical clashes, while the second is linked to the results of the ongoing operation in Benghazi that led by retired General Khalifa Haftar.

Other observers believe that voting won’t happen before the operation in Benghazi ends, which is perceived as tactic operation to mix cards and draw new alliances inside and outside the HoR.