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Pentagon: US raid against IS prevented attack in Tunisia


The US Department of Defense announced on Monday, that the US raid that targeted a training camp last week of Islamic State group (IS) in Libya prevented an attack, the group was organizing to carry out in Tunisia.

The Pentagon spokesman, Jeff Davis, said that the camp focused on training on carrying out operations like the past ones in Tunisia.

The spokesman added that “we are sure that the raid had prevented the tragedy of the largest external attack; the nature of the training, which they were doing in the camp near the Tunisian borders indicate that a large plot was underway”

Early on Friday, US air raids targeted an IS camp in Sabratha (60 km west of Tripoli), which resulted in killing 49 persons. The raid mainly targeted the IS Tunisian leader Noureddine Chouchane, whose death hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The Pentagon estimated the number of the IS fighters in Libya to be five thousand members.

Chouchane is believed to stand behind Bardu museum and Sousse resort last year in Tunisia that killed 60 persons.

He explained that the camp housed up to 60 Jihadists who were training within the small and very coordinated groups equipped with small arms.