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Clashes continue on different scenes across Benghazi



29 persons were killed in clashes between forces of Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council and battalion 302, while news spread about the control of affiliated forces to the Interim Government over Al-Hawary area in Benghazi after clashes with the Islamic State group (IS).

Clashes with Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council started on Monday near Al-Hawary hospital. A source close to Dignity Operation said that 9 of battalion 302 died, while 20 died on the other side, the source added that 8 machineries were gained from Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council after surveying the areas of Bo-Fakhra, Al-Hlees, and Bou-Dresa.

The 9 deaths are Mohannad Moftah Ahmed Al-zwawy (Ajdabyia), Beleed Younis Saeed (Zwitina), Dawy Hamad Al-Abd (Ahdabyia), Ibrahim Gaddafi Al-Sokary (Solooq), Abdulkareem Mohamed Jihad, field leader Saleh Hasan Al-Twany (Ajdabiya), Marzouk Salem Al-Fakhry (Ajdabiyah), Abdullah Al-Amin Al-Sherif (Ajdabiya) and Khattab Al-Fakhry (Solooq).

In another development, the commander of Al-Horreya training center, Colonel Abdullah Al-Shafie, confirmed the control over Al-Hawary hospital and Al-Safsfa project after severe clashes with the IS and affiliated groups in Benghazi. Only 2 amongst the army’s forces were injured; according to Al-Shafie.

Al-Shafie added that the forces loyal to the Interim Government are progressing at a steady pace to control the locations and settle in it after inspections accompanied by members of the military engineering and explosives experts to dismantle improvised explosive devices and landmines, the Libyan news agency reported.

He added that the army controls now the area starting from the valley road till the river road in addition to Al-Hawary hospital, kidney hospital and residential area next to it.

battalions 204 tanks, Al-Horeyya training center, Al-Tawheed Salafist battalion, Al-Quarsha battalion, air defense units, military police and Bo-Hdema youth forces took part in the fight.

The chief of air forces of Dignity Operation, Saqr Jouroshi, confirmed that affiliated jets struck 15 targets in Benghazi on Saturday.

In press remarks, he confirmed that the air raids are still going on in Benghazi to support ground forces in all fight axes. The jets supported the forces in its fights in Ajdabiya, as he confirmed.

The leadership of Dignity Operation launched on Saturday a new operation entitled “Martyr’s blood”. 10 soldiers of Special Forces were killed on Saturday and other 15 were wounded in the beginning of fighting with Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council, spokesperson of the Special Forces, Milod Al-Zway said.

However, a special source in Dignity Operation, talked to LIBYAPROSPECT, denied holding any air strikes confirming all Jorushi remarks are incorrect.