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Al-Qatrany accuses PC of conspiring the army



Video record for a meeting between the Presidential Council (PC) members and notables of Barqa was leaked, it showed the vice-president of the PC, Ali Al-Qatrany, saying “I swear to God, unity government will never enter Benghazi as long as I am alive until we get to an agreement”. He accused the PC of “buying members conscience by distributing positions among them”. He added that “the PC members, Mohamed Amari and Abdul-Salam Kajman, are planning to destroy the Libyan army and we will not allow this to happen”.

Al-Qatrany directly accused the official spokesperson, Fathy El-Majbary, he said that El-Majbary “made someone enter my house with the help of the intelligence”.

Al-Qatrany talked even about the nomination of the candidate for the Defense Ministry, Mahdi El-Barghathi, by saying that “El-Barghathi is my cousin, and no one can nominate him only through me, and other wise I consider it unacceptable discord”. He added, directing his words to the head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj “I already told you that the army is my responsibility, and you can’t consult anyone else, I am the army’s candidate inside the PC”, pointing to the army under the leadership of the retired General, Khalifa Haftar. He added “I can pay for the plane that carried the PC from Egypt to Tobruk”.

Al-Qatrany previously talked about the same points in a press conference, and directed the same accusations, but the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood group denied Al-Qatrany’s accusations confirming that the group doesn’t dominate the PC headed by Al-Sarraj, which was confirmed earlier by Al-Qatrany, who said that the Muslim Brotherhood acquired number of ministerial portfolios in the unity government, but the Brotherhood totally denied such charges.

Muslim Brotherhood condemned in a statement “the implication of its name in that struggle for personal interests or to achieve suspicious goals” calling Al-Qatrany to show any evidence he has, and threatened to take all legal actions against him.

From another side, El-Majbary said, in front of the House of Representatives (HoR) that the PC member, Qatrany, threatened him to go back to Barqa, adding “regrettably, some members were threatened and others were distrusted. And personally, Al-Qatrany directly threatened me that I will not go back to Barqa again”.

According to information, acquired by LIBYAPROSPECT, Sunday’s session to vote on the unity government was cancelled, because Al-Sarraj was late meeting with United Nation envoy, Martin Kobler, in Tobruk.

LIBYAPROSPECT also knew that the House Of Representatives (HoR) was told that it can modify the government formation, but they have to reconcile as soon as possible because there is no much time for another delay.

Sources close to the HoR confirmed that Al-Qatrany became member inside the Presidential Council to represent Haftar, which he admitted to in the leaked video.