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Open Letter to PC for assigning Briton for media

Justin Marozzi, the assigned Briton for media in the PC - Internet


Libyan media practitioners, journalists, politicians, Intellectuals, and civil society activists sent an open letter to the head and members of the Presidential Council (PC), minsters of the Government of National Accord, members of the House f Representatives (HoR), and members of the United Nations Special Mission in Libya, concerning assigning a British national as an intermediate between Libyans and their government.

The letter, seen and translated by LIBYAPROSPECT, expressed their astonishment of reports about British embassy assigning its citizen Justin Marozzi to establish media bureau for the Presidential Council and the government, and put communication strategy between the government and Libyan people, which was confirmed personally through the British embassy to Libya.

Based on that, Signatories said that such government that can’t directly speak with its people, uses an intermediate, doesn’t represent them or represent Libya, “what we want is honesty and transparency which doesn’t need a special translator”, the letter said.

“Training Libyan cadres doesn’t need planting any person inside the most dangerous body inside the state, especially after what Hillary Clinton’s e-mails disclosed about roles played by advisors as intelligence agents, and became decision makers and politics managers”, the letter said.

According to the letter, Justin worked with Ali Zedan, and “we all know about his failure, he also worked with his precedent and the outcome was a media speech as miserable as using foreign interpreter to translate between brothers”.

That is why Signatories demanded the follows:

  1. 1- Clear and defined position towards such reports, stop insulting Libyan cadres on the expense of intelligent elements that seek division and destabilization.
  2. 2- Limit any training programs inside well known training institutions, and to be openly announced.
  3. 3- Removal of any foreign element from decision making centers whatever reasons are.
  4. 4- Present justified reasons for the bad media performance of the Presidential Council, not informing Libyans about Council’s activities and meetings.

And finally, Signatories stressed that their support to the government is conditioned to its patriotism and support to all qualified Libyans.