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IS empties headquarters in Sabratha



The Islamic State group (IS) has emptied its headquarters inside Sabratha city, said sources inside the city.

Eyewitnesses saw tens of armed vehicles with armed fighters moving from Dar Tellil compound to outside the city, with other covered cars.

Dar Tellil compound is a resort on beach side, some prominent figures inside the city use some of its buildings to host figures willing to join the group.

Inhabitants estimate number of foreign elements inside the resort worth 180 people, they confirmed that the compound is like assembly point for the IS fighters before moving to other nearby camps. Citizens believe that the IS uses the camp to hold secret meetings.

Libyan authorities handed over 30 bodies and four injured Tunisian IS affiliates to Tunisian anti-terrorism forces, through Ras Ejdair crossing, after US airstrikes in Sabratha.

Tunisian interior ministry announced that the Tunisian Nour-Eddin Chouchan, likely killed during US airstrike in Sabratha, was a wanted “dangerous terrorist”.

Media bureau said “Chouchan is dangerous terrorist element wanted for his involvement in attacks against Bardo museum”. The ministry previously published in May 2015 seeking notice. Chouchan, 26 years, from Sidi Bouzid province.

Media bureau director Nofal Abeidy said more than 40 Tunisian and Algerian died in the airstrikes.

A statement from Sabratha Municipal Council said that 41 persons were killed, six injured.

From its side, Sabratha military council issued statement concerning airstrikes that targeted a house inside the city, confirming its refusal for the presence of any foreign elements inside Libya.

The council confirmed it will defend Sabratha, its citizens and properties, vowing to prosecute all those helping the IS; as “all their plans to kill Libyans and destroy their potentials are now clear”.

Sabratha military council stresses its support for Sabratha security forces and Libyan army in combating such extremist groups.