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Details of HoR session with PC



The House of Representatives (HoR) suspended its extraordinary session, Saturday, while members discussed with the Presidential Council (PC) the government programs and ministers’ resumes, without reaching any decision about it.

The session saw sever disputes and arguments between members from HoR and the members of the Presidential Council, another session will be held, Sunday morning.

Members discussed disagreements between the Presidential Council members, criticized the government formation and its program, while the PC member, Fathy El-Majbary, defended the cabinet formation, confirming that the PC made its best to finalize the proposed formation.

Fayez Al-Sarraj presented the government working program and ministers’ resumes, he made a speech in front of the HoR members, saying that “the government is working to improve services, activate national reconciliation, provide peace and social justice, build state institutions, and strengthen foreign policies and international cooperation”.

Al-Sarraj also confirmed that the government will work to resolve issues related to armed groups, integrated them with national army and police forces, to secure the capital.

The spokesman for the Presidential Council (PC), Fathy El-Majbary, said that the PC expresses different sects across political spectrum, confirming that its members are not agents nor implementing any conspiracy, but working to reach peaceful resolution in Libya through the political accord.

El-Majbary pointed that the disagreement between the HoR members is in the favor of terrorist groups, and other political groups opposing the agreement, some of which control the capital Tripoli, according to what he said.

Concerning lowered women representation in the government formation, El-Majbary said that Libya is working to improve women statues inside the country, which will not be accomplished between day and night.

During most of the session, members discussed mechanisms for choosing ministers, distribution, how to work from inside Tripoli, other issues concerning economy and administrative policies. Some members suggested to discuss the government formation without other disputes, which didn’t happen.

It is important to mention that the session came on request from the HoR members for Al-Sarraj to appear before the HoR and illustrates government’s program.

Al-Sarraj arrived to Tobruk international airport, escorted with the PC members, Fathy El-Majbary and Moussa Kouni.

From his side, Ali Qatrany stressed that Libya’s army is “red line”, adding that “he is positive that the Presidential Council has no guarantees for the army”.

He pointed, during news conference in Cairo, to “conspiracy led by state minister Mohamed Ammari, Fathy El-Majbary and Ahmed Mitig”.