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Al-Barasi: Army loyalty must be to Allah and homeland

Al-Barasi: I found out that we made a new Tyrant - Internet

LIBYAPROSPECT – Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview with Colonel, Faraj Al-Barasi with LIBYAPROSPECT, he answered questions regarding the position of retired Gen. Khalifa Haftar.

Al-Barasi: I found out that we make a new Tyrant, and this is what made me withdraw from Benghazi.

Al-Barasi: We need to build an army that is loyal to Allah and the homeland.

Al-Barasi: The big mistake was putting all the groups in one basket, while we could have neutralized large number of youth who are against us.

The following is LIBYAPROSPECT’s exclusive interview with Colonel Faraj Al-Barasi

LIBYAPROSPECT: We would like you to tell us why did you withdraw from the side of the retired General, Khalifa Haftar, and under what conditions did you take that step?

Al-Barasi: When I joined General Khalifa Haftar, I believed that the goal was to rebuild the army to form a force to fight terrorism; but later, I found out that Haftar’s goal was to take the control for himself as the leader. The other big mistake was putting all grouos we fought in one basket; so I began to declare in media that I discovered that we are making a new tyrant represented in the personality of Haftar. An argument happened between us about that, in addition to impact he had on tribes, consequently I had to pull out from Benghazi, Haftar’s spectrum was strong at that point, which forced me to withdraw.

LIBYAPROSPECT: what are your objections to the current leadership represented in Haftar, are they concerning him personally or the military leadership in general?

Al-Barasi: I have no objections to the military leadership as an institution, but concerning its performance and the way it works and deals; we could have neutralized many of those who fought us, especially deceived youth.  The evidence of the poor leadership is the length of the war, as it took a very long time with no results; and the failure to achieve anything, that’s in addition to the wide and deep gap between the military fighters in the army and military leadership that represented by Haftar.

LIBYAPROSPECT: Do you believe that Haftar is still suitable for leading the army’s war on terrorism?

Al-Barasi: I believe that what is happening now, of losing sites we had after more than a year and a half of fight, is a clear evidence on the lack of ability to succeed and reach the desired goals.

LIBYAPROSPECT: Depending on your long experience, as a leader in the Libyan army, what is the solution to the crisis of the war in Benghazi, are there other alternatives that can be invoked?

Al-Barasi: The solution is to rebuild the presidency of staff of the army, so that it can take care of rebuilding the army. There must be a specialized device of current military fighters and settle their situations under the title of fighting terrorism.

At the end of this exclusive interview, Al-Barasi added: What concerns us now is to build an army whose loyalty is to Allah and the nation not to specific people, army’s task must be maintaining the homeland and the citizens, away from any political views.