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France, Morocco, Italy and Malta support GNA formation


France and Morocco called the House of Representatives (HoR0 to quickly endorse the Government of National Accord.

According to French presidency statement, the French President, Francios Holland, and the Moroccan king, Mohamed VI, called the HoR to quickly adopt the new government formation.

The HoR asked, Tuesday, the head of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, to attend the discussions on the government formation in Tubrok; so the HoR can vote supposed for the GNA formation.

On the other side, the Italian dDefense Secretary, Roberta Penotti, expressed her hope that the House of Representatives (HoR) would adopt the new government formation.

“With unified government inside Libya, it will be easy to discuss security and fighting terrorism flourishing”, said Penotti, according to Aki.

She added that “defeats in Syria and Iraq, make terrorism aspire to expand inside Libya. We are in great need for a government to coordinate with”.

In the same context, Maltese Foreign Minister, George Villa, congratulated the Presidential Council for finalizing the new government formation.

Villa called Libyans to work and build democratic state led by laws and respect for human rights.

He added that the unity government is a positive step towards restoring stability inside Libya.