Home Reports Only 45 members of HoR voted for GNA formation

Only 45 members of HoR voted for GNA formation



Sources said that the House of Representatives (HoR) provided remarks on the proposed government formation, pointing that only 45 members, from 200, voted in favor of the government formation.

The HoR, according to the sources, said that it hadn’t received resumes of each minister nor clear program for the government, adding that some nominated ministers are involved in legal charges.

The HoR stated that they can’t “discuss endorsing the government before modifying the constitutional declaration from which the government should emerge. Endorsing the government before a constitutional declaration to organize work of different bodies and the relations between them, makes it abide to provisions of interim government and work in accordance with the legislation in force”.

The HoR remarks referred that the Presidential Council (PC) can’t modify the political accord, and consider increasing number of ministers as huge breach for Skhirat agreement.

Members said “the Presidential Council (PC) can’t resolve obvious disagreements between its members, though they came up with unbalanced government formation”. They added that the PC didn’t abide to the HoR request about the government formation and program, which negatively affects the HoR decision.