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Ghannouchi: Peaceful solutions are better than war 


The head of Tunisian Nahdha Party, Rashed Ghannouchi, said that his country opposes any military intervention in Libya, stressing that “war doesn’t resolve crisis but peaceful political resolutions”.

Ghannouchi renewed Tunisia stance opposing restoring to war as a way to solve political disputes, as war is always followed by calamities.

He expressed his hope that “Libyans would agree on peaceful solution and adopt the unity government, because peaceful solution even, if incomplete, is better than war”.

Ghannouchi referred to “direct communications with Libyan factions to urge them for compatibility and follow Tunisian model that spared the country of wars and confrontations”.

He called the parties to provide compromises for the sake of the country.

Tunisian defense minister, Farhat Al-Harshan said, Monday, that military institutions are fulfilling their tasks in securing borders, especially with Libya.

Ghannouchi valued coordination between neighboring countries, especially Algeria, concerning military actions inside Libya. He stressed political dialogue is the only way to accomplish peace and form the unity government that can control situations and fight terrorism.