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Austria hosts UNESCO-sponsored Libyan media conference

Last UNESCO-sponsored Libyan media conference in Madrid - Internet

The work group to review and implement the recommendations of the document of the professional and ethical behavior in the Libyan media started, on Tuesday, meetings scheduled to last for three days in Vienna, sponsored by UNESCO and the International Press Institute.

The work group includes a selection of attendees of Madrid meetings in July and October 2015 to trace effects of last meeting on Libyan media and to add further recommendations, the official information and communication UNESCO office in Libya stated.

In his opening speech, the Ambassador of the federal Ministry for foreign Austrian affairs, Stephen Vavrak, expressed support for “the brave efforts to improve journalism in Libya, thus contributing to creating stability and peace that Libyans severely need”.

The UNESCO representative in Libya, Michael Kroft, said that we know that the Libyans want peace desperately, but they also need examples can imitate them.

“This is the real meaning of this work group, and that is the reason for Libyan media dialogue at this critical time. This is the needed positive example, because it gathers Libyans from different backgrounds to work together to address a difficult issue and overcome it in a way that it benefits everyone. If you can do that, others can do as well”, he stated.