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Al-Sisi confirms his support for Haftar


The Egyptian President, Abdulfattah Al-Sisi, excluded holding a military intervention in Libya without studying other available options.

Al-Sisi told “Jeune Afrique” French magazine that Egypt did what it had to do to prevent extremist fighters from Iraq and Syria from entering Libya, noting that solutions must be reached on freezing terrorism funds.

When asked if Egypt demands an intervention by NATO against Islamic State group (IS) in Libya, Al-Sisi said that the more chaos continues in Libya the greater the problems and solutions become complicated.

“Why do we resort to NATO without trying to search for internal solutions in this country? Was the Libyan National Army helped? Was arms embargo lifted, so that it will have tools to regain the country’s power? The answer is no”, he stated.

He added that “two years ago, I said that the Libyan army must be aided, if we had done this, this could have been different now”.

The magazine conducted on the margin lines of the investment forum of Africa in Sharm El-Sheikh Egyptian city, scheduled to be held on February 20 and 21.

About if Egypt is ready to respond to call made by the French Defense Minister, Jean-Yves Odrian, to Egypt and Algeria in previous remarks to the same magazine in late 2015 to carry out their responsibilities in Libya, or in other words to intervene against the IS; Al-sisi said “my answer to that is simple, did we do much to prevent the extremists fighters in Iraq and Syria from moving to Libya and furthermore tomorrow? What is being done to dry up the sources of funding and supplying weapons to terrorists? Will the Security Council issue a resolution in this regard? If you really commit ourselves to these points, the situation will improve.

“We are waiting for answers to these questions; we can’t intervene in Libya as long as not all solutions were examined and without the clearly expressed desire by Libyans”. He added that NATO hasn’t finished its job after intervening in Libya back in 2011, as Libyans were left to armed groups and extremists, it should have worked on re-gaining state’s institutions, confiscating arms, and supporting the army.

Al-Sisi asserted that the Libyan army to him is the army of the retired General Khalifa Haftar and the legitimate government is the one located in Tobruk.