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HoR endorsement session for the GNA postponed


The House of Representatives (HoR) has postponed its scheduled session for granting confidence to the newly formed Government of National Accord (GNA), for Tuesday and demanded the presence of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj.

The HoR member, Khalifa Al-Daghary, said that the session of Monday was postponed, as members wanted to inspect the government program and curriculums of the ministers. He added that the HoR members requested the attendance of Al-Sarraj in the HoR.

Al-Daghary had earlier told the AFP that “we of course want a political solution, but we are not yet convinced. Names of the ministers are sent to us at midnight via e-mail, and we are asked to vote on the next day. Don’t we have the right to ask who those are? What did they present? The head of the PC has to come here”.

“Many MPs have notes on the political agreement, feel disgusted by the way the Presidential Council and Mr. Al-Sarraj treat them; Al-Sarraj haven’t tried to go to the HoR for once to meet them”, he added.

The HoR was supposed to hold a session to grant confidence to the GNA of 18 members, which old formation of 32 members refused by the HoR in January.