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Al-Aswad refused to sign on the government formation


The Presidential Council (PC) member, Omar Al-Aswad, said that “the lack of transparency in selecting ministers, vague criterion and violating rules forced him to withdraw from session and refuse to sign the on formation”.

He added, to LibyaChannel, Sunday, that one of the nominees is accused in legal cases concerning public money and corruption. He called the House of Representatives (HoR) to bear its national responsibilities, pointing that he will not appeal against the government formation.

Al-Aswad denied nominating anyone from his city, adding “we received ministers list, we had no discussions nor revising their personal resumes. The five ministers of state were selected within two minutes”.

“I tell Libyans that the PC is non-viable, Libyans have to contrive. I don’t want to take part at this government formation”, Al-Aswad said.

He asked not to appoint any minister from cities from which the PC members belong to.