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IS executes four persons from one tribe


The Islamic State (IS) in Libya executed four persons from the same tribe, accusing them of belonging to Salafist current in Sirte and fighting against the group.

Source inside supreme security chamber (Sirte) said, that the IS elements executed four members of Meadany tribe.

According to the source, the four persons are (Ali Fetouri, Mahjoub Fetouri, Saleh Mohamed Areef, Ali Mohamed). They were detained in Al-Giza prison for seven months, they were executed by firing squad. The four lived in district three, center Sirte.

Reports say that IS killed and executed more than 60 since they occupied Sirte, most of the executed persons are from Al-Furjan tribe and many of others originally from Misrata, who live in Sirte, as well as Meadany tribe.

Sirte is under the IS control since last June, violent clashes between the IS elements and the Salafists, who objected the IS presence inside the city.